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Political-Sign-Guidelines136.7 KBChecklist-for-Submittal-of-Final-Development-Plans-2-1301.9 KBChecklist for Submittal of Preliminary Development Plans64.2 KB5.29.18 PC Minutes264.4 KB2018 Native Trees34.1 KB2021-AccessoryAnimalApplication306.4 KBAdopt-A-Street Application88.9 KBAdopt-A-Street Brochure617.0 KBDumpster_ POD Permit54.9 KBBoard of Zoning Appeals - Variance or Appeal Application41.5 KBDumpster_ POD Permit54.9 KBCity of Mission Comprehensive Plan4.2 MBClockwork - 6005-6045 Martway, April 18, 20186.8 MBClockwork Worksession Presentation September 12, 20174.2 MBCode Compliance Process266.3 KBDowntown Action Agenda 2002 - Hyett Palma Study4.8 MBDowntown District Task Force Recommendations (2015)101.6 KBDowntown Map935.4 KBEPC Preliminary Plan Design Package4.7 MBGateway MOU Frequently Asked Questions December 2016104.4 KBHousing Inventory (2003)9.1 MBHousing Inventory (2014)4.9 MBJohnson Drive Design Guidelines (2008)19.1 MBJohnson Drive Parking Task Force Recommendations (2014)36.9 KBKU Student Johnson Drive Study May 20199.5 MBDevelopment-Application_revised- MBLand Use Applications Calendar (2020)54.2 KBKU Student Johnson Drive Technical Memos May 201964.3 MBMission 2012 Code Amendments417.7 KBMission Design Guidelines19.1 MBMission Vision Strategic Redevelopment Plan Commercial Business District (2008)20.4 MBOrdinance Sign Code213.5 KBProposed City of Mission Sign Regulations Table40.0 KBProposed Sign Code Changes61.0 KBRental Dwellings Code318.8 KBMISSION-Being-a-Good-Neighbor_2021557.4 KBSafe Routes to School Phase I Study19.3 MBSign code changes presentation1.2 MBSign Code Memo - 20162.3 MBSign Code Permits and Codes63.0 KBSign Code Review Process Handout71.2 KBSign Inventory Progress Report and Map (Sept. 2015)598.9 KBSingle Family Rental informational mtgs80.6 KBSingle family Rental inspection presentation222.6 KBVariance Guidelines41.9 KBWaste Management General Contacts and Schedule61.4 KBWest Gateway Form Based Code9.1 MBWest Gateway Vision Plan13.8 MBEast Gateway Redevelopment Plan26.9 MBCommunity-City-Codes591.2 KB

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