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Infrastructure Project Updates

Rock Creek Wall Repair

City staff completed an urban channel assessment in 2020 and rated each channel based on risk and consequence of failure. As a result of this assessment, the portion of the Rock Creek channel approximately 78 feet west of Reeds Rd. was budgeted for design in 2022 ($50,000) and reconstruction in 2023 ($485,000).

In April 2022, the urban channels were re-inspected and accelerated cracking and heaving were observed. Following heavy rains in May 2022, Staff observed a large stress fracture in the soil behind the wall and settlement of the Rock Creek Trail.

GBA was subsequently retained to design emergency reconstruction of the retaining wall and bids were obtained for reconstruction of this portion of the retaining wall. This also included 67.5 feet of riprap section just west of Reeds Rd. that was replaced as an interim solution due to collapse of the retaining wall in 2020. InfraStructure Solutions, LLC was the lowest and most responsive bidder at a cost not to exceed $291,078 and began construction on Monday 6/20/2022.

Construction activities include the following:

  • Removing the fence and retaining wall;
  • Setting concrete blocks in the channel;
  • Regrading the channel slope and adding riprap;
  • Replacing the fence and trail; and
  • Site restoration (including laying sod in disturbed areas).

Construction fencing has been placed around the construction area and the trail has been closed west of Reeds Rd. for safety.

Construction is anticipated to be completed by the first week of August 2022 or earlier depending on weather conditions.

Johnson Drive Rehabilitation Project

The Johnson Drive Rehabilitation project includes:

  • UBAS resurfacing similar to what was completed on Lamar Avenue in 2020;
  • Restriping to a three lane section from Lamar Avenue to Nall Avenue;
  • Pavement and median repairs;
  • Spot replacement of curb and gutter, driveway approaches, sidewalks, parking stalls and ADA ramps;
  • Removal and replacement of the decorative asphalt pavers from Nall Avenue to Roeland Drive.
  • Additionally, the project includes installation of a five-foot wide sidewalk on the north side of Johnson Drive within Roeland Parks city limits.

Construction is anticipated to begin the first week of July 2022 with approximately six weeks of removal and replacement of concrete. Paving, followed by pavement markings, should begin in mid-August and be complete in one to two weeks. The schedule may be revised depending on weather, utility conflicts, material availability, etc.

The road will be paved half at a time so that Johnson Drive remains open to traffic.

More detail is available here in a letter that went to businesses in the project area in June.

Street Preservation Projects – 2022

Mission’s 2022 street preservation project includes work in the following on: 62nd Street, Woodson Road to Lamar Avenue; Reeds Road, 49th Street to 50th Terrace; and Outlook Street, 49th Street to 51st Street

Update As of 6/29/2022:

Outlook Street:

  • The schedule has been revised again since the subgrade on the east side of the street from the former concrete flume to the bottom of the street is still wet due to all the runoff that has drained down this street for years due to no stormwater pipe. Miles Excavating (Miles) is waiting for it to dry out so that we can install curb and gutter. We definitely need it to be dry to meet compaction standards, otherwise we will pave it and it will fall apart again. Therefore, all activities have been delayed by a week to make sure we have good subgrade.
  • Curb and gutter installation has been tentatively scheduled for next week (tentatively 7/7 and 7/8), depending on the amount of rain that falls between now and then.
  • Paving is tentatively scheduled for the following week (7/14 and 7/15).
  • Driveway approaches will be paved either between curb installation and paving or right after paving.
  • Door hangers will be handed out 48 hours in advance for these activities.
  • There is rain in the forecast for this weekend, so this schedule is subject to change if it rains.

Reeds Road: Once Outlook Street is paved, work will begin on Reeds Road.

62nd Street:

  • In disturbed areas with no grass, Miles is adding some dirt and will hydromulch this week in order to stabilize this area for erosion control. Sod will be laid in the fall when there are cooler temperatures.

The projects on each of the streets listed above include stormwater improvements or repairs; curb and gutter and driveway approach removal and replacement; and full depth pavement reconstruction (i.e., the pavement will be removed and replaced with 6 inches of aggregate and 8 inches of asphalt). The length of the driveway approach replacement varies for each driveway and is determined by the existing driveway slope and the distance needed to tie into the existing grade.

Miles Excavating, Inc. was awarded the construction project through competitive bid in February 2022. Work began the week of April 18, 2022.

General questions can be directed to Brent Morton, Mission Public Works Superintendent/Project Manager: 913.676.8380 or Questions during construction can be directed to Sean Dunn, Miles Project Superintendent: 913.208.7672

Each year, Mission’s Street Preservation Program improves the road infrastructure in the City. To learn more about the process, visit the Street Program page.

Nelson Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements – 2022

The Nelson Complex Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) is Johnson County’s oldest treatment facility, and its service area is comprised of two main tributary basins – one of which is the Mission Main (MTM1).  The improvements project will upgrade the treatment facility as well as some pump stations and mains to address aged and deteriorating infrastructure and to comply with regulatory requirements.

Visit the project website to learn more:

WaterOne Water Main Replacement

WaterOne is consistently evaluating their infrastructure and updating water mains throughout their service area. Click here to read more detail about their water main replacement project in Mission in 2021 and 2022. The first phase of the project replaced the main from Rushton Elementary School west on 52nd Street to Lamar Avenue, and then north to 51st Street. The second phase of the project travels on 51st Street west to Foxridge Drive. If you have questions about this project, please contact the WaterOne Project Manager at 913.895.1827.

Private Development Updates

For updates on large private development projects underway or in the planning phase in Mission, visit the Current Projects page.

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