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Animal Control + Pets

When to call Animal Control

  • When my neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking
  • When I see a dog running loose
  • When I suspect an animal is being abused or neglected
  • When there is a dead animal on my street

Call Animal Control at Johnson County Dispatch non-emergency number at 913.782.0720.

For concerns regarding live wild animals on your property, please contact a private contractor. The City of Mission does not respond to these calls.

Barking Dogs

When a neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking, please call Johnson County Dispatch non-emergency number at 913.782.0720 and be prepared to provide the address where the dog is located. The call needs to be made while the barking is occuring, so sending an email notice is not effective. A Community Service Officer or Police Officer will respond to the call.

Missing Pets

If your animal is missing and you believe it may have been collected by Animal Control, please contact Melissa’s Second Chances | Animal Rescue at 913.364.1822 11015 W. 75th St. Shawnee, KS 66214 as soon as possible. Unclaimed animals may be released for adoption after 72 hours.

Many times residents post information about missing pets on

Learn more about regulations related to domesticated dogs + cats.

Click here for information about keeping chickens + bees.

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