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Getting Started in Mission

Mission is a great place to start a business. Here are a few resources to make sure you are set for success.

Register Your Business:

Visit the Kansas Business Filing Center or get support at NetWork Kansas

Check Your Zoning, Permit All Signage and Check for Building Permits

Before signing a lease or purchasing a building, confirm your business type is compatible with the zoning in your proposed location by calling 913.676.8360. If you’re having work done on the interior or exterior, check to see if it will require a building permit or if there are specific guidelines you will need to follow. Get a sign permit for your new signage.

Register for a Business License here.

Check Food Safety Requirements

All food service facilities in the State of Kansas MUST also obtain a food service license from the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) before opening.

Dept. of Agriculture; Alcohol Sales; Grease Management

Make Sure You’re Safe

Register your alarm system with the Mission Police Department and Check in with Consolidated Fire District No. 2

Green Your Business

Receive a free sustainability consultation and certification from the Johnson County Green Business Program. The program is voluntary and designed to reduce daily waste, energy, and water usage.

Set up recycling service through a variety of private companies, and on-site commercial glass recycling available through Ripple Glass.

Showcase Your Business

Get involved with the Mission Business District and the Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce

Activate Your Sidewalk Space

Display merchandise, or set out a dog bowl or a sandwich board sign. At least 6 feet of clear, unobstructed walking path must be preserved for pedestrians. Overhead elements, such as extended umbrella or string lighting must be at least 7 feet above the sidewalk surface. All items must be secure from blowing away. All items must be brought in at night. Any heating elements such as portable gas heaters require City review for compliance with fire safety codes. Do not drill into the hardscape or make any permanent alterations to the streetscape features. For other guidelines, contact Karie Kneller, City Planner at 816.676.8366 or

Have a more permanent idea? Contact Brian Scott, Deputy City Administrator, to apply for a Special Purpose Permit.

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City of Mission

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