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Business Improvement Grant

The Mission Business Improvement Grant (B.I.G.) supports local businesses through funding for exterior building repairs or improvements and qualified energy efficiency upgrades. Applicants will be reimbursed at one-half (50%) of their approved costs, with the City’s share not to exceed $10,000 per project annually or $2,000 per sign.

Application Process

Staff Contact:

Nilo Fanska,

Phone: 913.676.8358

Qualifying Exterior Improvements

  • Building repairs (painting, tuck pointing, awning replacement, etc)
  • Building improvements (additions, replacements, etc)
  • Sidewalk and streetscape improvements (pedestrian pavement, seating, etc)
  • Signs ($2,000 maximum)

Qualifying Energy Efficiency Improvements*

  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Systems
  • Building Mechanical Systems (heating, cooling, ventilation)
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Building Envelope (including doors, windows, insulation, roofing etc)
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

*An energy audit conducted by a State or Evergy certified auditor identifying the interior energy efficiency improvement and demonstrating an improvement over existing conditions is required. Up to 25% of the cost of the audit can be reimbursed with the project.

City of Mission

6090 Woodson Street
Mission, KS 66202


8:00 AM-5:00 PM

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