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Business Licensing

The City of Mission requires that an individual or company obtain a permit or license for many activities within the City. Most of these licenses or permits involve payment of either a standard or variable fee, require the use of a standard application form, and must be applied for in person at City Hall. The license period is from July 1st to June 30th annually.

Business Occupational License

Any person or firm, as defined in the ordinance, engaging in any business, trade, or profession, or providing any service for profit is required to secure a business occupational license. Mission requires business licenses only for those businesses that have a physical location within the City of Mission (office, retail or home occupation).

Contractor licensing, for contractors simply performing work in Mission, is separate and is handled through our Community Development Department. Contractors based in other communities, just performing work in Mission, do not need a business occupational license.

The license fee is to be paid in advance in one annual payment following a zoning review and approval. In most instances, the fee is based upon the square footage occupied. For information on City ordinances governing business occupational licenses, see Chapter 605 of the City Code.

New Business Occupational License Application

Existing businesses must renewal their business license annually. Complete the form below and then submit payment in person, by mail, or over the phone with a credit card. 

Renewal: Existing Business Occupational License Renewal Form

Home Occupational License

A home occupation is any occupation in which goods produced or services rendered are clearly secondary to the main use of the premises as a dwelling. Special restrictions of the use may apply, and persons should contact the City Clerk’s office for additional information. For information on City ordinances governing home occupational licenses, see Chapter 605 of the City Code.

Home Occupational License Application

Daycare Provider’s License

All daycare providers are required to have a license with the City of Mission. Daycare providers, for purposes of this licensing process, include:

  • Registered daycare providers
  • Daycare homes
  • Group daycare homes

The license fee is $25.00 per year and is issued on a yearly basis from July 1st through June 30th.

The daycare facility must undergo health and safety inspections and meet all state, county and fire district requirements. Please review Chapter 630 of the City Code for specific requirements.

Childcare centers can also be licensed within the City of Mission; however, their licensing involves the City’s zoning procedures, and license fees are determined based upon the size of the facility as provided in Chapter 103 of the City Code.

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