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Massage Licensing

Massage Establishments In order to operate a business within the City of Mission that provides services that fall under the category of massage, a Massage Establishment license must be applied for. Once the application, required documentation and fingerprinting are complete an inspection will be scheduled with the City’s Community Development team. The license will be issued after all required documentation and application materials have been reviewed and approved. The application fee for the Massage Establishment license is $300.00, with an annual renewal fee due by June 30 of each calendar year in an amount to be determined by the square footage of the establishment. Additionally, anyone working within the facility and providing any services as defined under the City Code must be an individually licensed massage therapist.

The City of Mission currently defines massage in its City Code.

Massage Establishment Application            

Massage Establishment Checklist

Massage Therapists No person shall perform massage therapy unless they have a valid massage therapist’s permit issued by the City pursuant to the provisions of the City Code. Any person employed to perform massage therapy, as defined by City Code, shall file a written application with the City Clerk. The full list of requirements for a massage therapist license can be found in our City Code.

Massage Therapist Initial Application    

Massage Therapist Checklist

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