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Adult Fitness + Wellness


Our group fitness classes are guaranteed to get you pumped up! Choose from barbell strength, building strength, high intensity (H.I.I.T.) and more! In the mood for some dance? Get ready to bust a move with one of our dance classes. With tons of different options, you’ll be breaking a sweat in no time.

  • All fitness classes included with your PCC membership
  • Pit-Stops available for $5-$8/visit

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Strength Conditioning

Increase your aerobic endurance and build strength with one of our strength training classes. Whether you’re new to strength training or looking to start, our experienced instructors will guide you and teach safety.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics offers all the benefits of a moderate to high intensity workout without the hard impact on your body. These classes will stretch and strengthen muscles while conditioning the cardiovascular system.


Let’s ride! Get those wheels spinning with one of our cycling classes. These classes are high energy and tons of fun.

Mind & Body

Find a moment of stillness in your day with a Mind & Body class. You’ll build strength, increase flexibility and challenge your mind. Pick from selections like basic flow yoga, functional yoga, Pilates and more.

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Mission Parks + Recreation

6200 Martway Street
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5:30 AM-9 PM

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