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Dumpster, POD + RV Storage Permits

Before placing a roll-off dumpster or portable storage container (POD) on your property, or before parking a recreational vehicle (RV) on your property, you must obtain a permit from the City.

Dumpster (Construction + Demolition Waste Containers), POD Permit Requirements

  • A Dumpster or POD permit may be obtained for a portable storage container to be stored on any property for a period less than 15 days, not to exceed twice per calendar year.
  • Construction and demolition waste containers are permissible on any residential, institutional, commercial or industrial property at any time for a 15 day period, not to exceed one time per year.
  • Containers must be placed in the driveway, or street if permitted by the City. Containers may NOT be placed in any yard area.
  • Containers placed on the street must have traffic cones on all corners of the container. The City can furnish cones for a required deposit.
  • Permit applications must be completed at City Hall.

 RV Storage Permit Requirements

  • Seven day permits may be issued for non-owners of the residence (ie. visiting guests). A seven day permit may not be issued more than twice each calendar year.
  • A 48 hour special permit may be issued to the owner/occupant of the residence. This permit may only be used once in a 30-day period.
  • RVs may not be parked within 12 feet of the street.
  • No more than two vehicles may receive special permits at the same premises.

Click here to learn more about Dumpster, POD or RV storage permit requirements in Mission.

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