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Accident Report + Discovery Requests

Accident Reports

Reports for incidents occurring within the last 15 years are available to download online for a fee via the website CrashDocs. You may also request a report in person for a fee of $5. If you need assistance locating your report online, contact the Mission Police Department at 913.676.8300.

Discovery Reports

For police reports or videos, complete the online Discovery Report form. Requests will not be processed until payment is received.

Fees: A charge for providing copies of records is authorized by state law and has been established by City ordinance. These charges are set at a level to compensate the City for the actual costs incurred in honoring the request. Fees must be received by the Mission Police Department prior to copies being made. The fee for videos is $25 per DVD.

Requesting copies of:

  • Police Report – $5.00
  • In-Car Video
  • Body-Worn Video
  • Booking Video (booking room, post-arrest)
  • Back-Up Patrol Car Video (in-car video from backing officer)

NOTICE: Videos are stored and retained according to Department policy.

  • The Metadata system is not installed in all patrol cars. The Metadata CD may not play on all computers.
  • There will be no charge if video requested is not available.

Police Department

6090 Woodson Street
Mission, KS 66202


8:00 AM-5:00 PM

In an emergency,
please dial 911.

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