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Rental Licensing and Inspections

Neighborhood Services works hard to ensure rental housing in Mission meets high standards of livability. All rental properties must meet adopted life, health and safety criteria as described in the Rental Housing Manual.


Property owners must register their rental properties by submitting a Rental Housing License Application and associated fees. Houses, duplexes, condominiums and townhomes are considered single-family.

Although the City does not require interior inspections of single-family housing, tenants may request an inspection if they feel that life, health and safety standards are not being met. Inspections may be performed at the discretion of City staff once a Tenant-Requested Inspection Request Form is completed and submitted.


Owners of apartment complexes must license their properties annually for a fee of $10 per unit. Interior life, health and safety inspections are conducted as part of the annual licensing process. A minimum of 5% of all units in each apartment complex must be available for inspection. Units are inspected on a rotating basis to ensure different units are inspected every year.

As with single-family properties, tenants of multi-family housing may request an inspection if they feel life, health and safety standards are not being met. Tenant-Requested Inspection Request Form

License Terms and Application

Rental licenses are required for all rental units in Mission and are non-transferable. Licenses are effective on a calendar year basis from January 1st through December 31st each year.

If you own a property that you intend to rent out, please download and complete a rental license application, available here. Owners residing outside of Johnson County must have a resident agent inside the City of Mission. Please Note: We cannot process applications that are incomplete or that contain a P.O. Box as a main contact address.

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