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If you have more questions, contact Karie Kneller, Mission’s City Planner, at


Citywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Connection Study is a Planning for Sustainable Places (PSP) project utilizing funds awarded by the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC).  This study focuses on planning a city-wide bicycle, pedestrian, and trail network that will allow residents to use active transportation to move around Mission to key destinations and connect into the Greater Kansas City Metro Area Trails.

The City of Mission has partnered with RDG Planning & Design, BHC, and Venice Communications to lead efforts to design a network of on-and-off street facilities.  The planning process will have three main stages:

  1. Understanding Existing Conditions
  2. Developing an on-and-off Street Network
  3. Prioritization & Implementation

Community Engagement

Community members’ input is important to creating a user-friendly active transportation network. Where do people want to bicycle and walk to? What are barriers people face? What types of infrastructure do people feel comfortable using? We will gain community input via Public Meetings and the Steering Committee. Steering Committee appointees have experiential knowledge of the communities bicycle and pedestrian facilities and share their knowledge with the consultants to help inform the recommended improvements.


On April 9th, consultants presented final recommendations in a public open house. Click on the image below to see materials from the meeting. Please send feedback about the proposed bike/pedestrian network to Karie Kneller at by April 17th – we will share your thoughts with our consultants:

Past events that have led up to the final recommendations:

October 30th – Steering Committee Meeting #1 was held at Powell Community Center. The consulting team laid the groundwork for the study and introduced key concepts

November 28th – Steering Committee #2 Design Workshop was a charrette with large-scale maps and diagrams focusing on specific areas of the city. Participants were asked to provide markups and comments at key locations.

November 29th – Public Open House at Powell Community Center, Conference Room E: 11:30-1:00PM and 6:30-8:00PM. The public was invited to view and add comments on the large-scale maps provided by the consultants and Steering Committee team.

January 18th – Steering Committee Meeting #3 was held at Powell Community Center. Team members discussed preliminary recommendations for a comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian network. You can see the preliminary network by clicking the image below:

Online Engagement

October 2023 – All members of the public and neighboring jurisdictions were invited to add input on an interactive online map.

Click the map to see the feedback people gave us as we explored what is working and what needs improvement for bicyclists and pedestrians in and around the community.


City of Mission

6090 Woodson Street
Mission, KS 66202


8:00 AM-5:00 PM

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