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Speed Limit Change on Johnson Drive January 10, 2017
Posted on Thursday January 05, 2017
The speed limit on Johnson Drive between Lamar and Roe Avenues will be lowered from 30 mph to 25 mph effective January 10, 2017.

Message BoardThe Mission City Council voted in December 2016 to lower the speed limit on Johnson Drive between Lamar and Roe Avenues from 30 miles per hour (mph) to 25 mph. The change will go into effect on January 10, 2017 and is meant to reduce traffic speeds to be more in line with the pedestrian character of the downtown area. Those travelling in the area are urged to use caution and be considerate of others in the area at all times.

Help make Downtown Mission a safe place for everyone!

A few tips for both drivers and pedestrians in the area:

For Drivers:
    Obey newly posted speed limit of 25 mph.
    Yield to pedestrians at intersections.
    Stay alert. Be prepared to stop.
    Watch for bicyclists and skateboarders.
    Never pass another vehicle that has stopped or is slowing down at a crosswalk.

For pedestrians:
    Always cross at marked crosswalks.
    Use pedestrian beacons when they are available.
    Look left-right-left before crossing.
    Make eye contact with the driver before crossing.
    Look before walking past stopped vehicles.

Pedestrians only have the right of way once they are actually in the crosswalk. Once you feel it is safe, be assertive and enter the crosswalk and make eye contact with any oncoming motorists before continuing to cross the street.

To learn more about laws, rights, and responsibilities, refer to the Standard Traffic Ordinance for Kansas Cities.
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