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Street Program 2021 Project Updates
October 07, 2021
Curb Work on Dearborn St.

Project Update (as of 10/7/21)

The projects included in the 2021 Street Program plan are underway. Read below for the latest status on each of the project areas. Please note that this is tentative and is subject to change based on weather and subcontractor coordination.

If you have questions or concerns during construction, please feel free to contact John Belger, Superior Bowen’s Project Manager at 816.301.4834 or Mission’s Project Manager, Brent Morton, at or Celia Duran, Public Works Director, at or 913.676.8375.

Dearborn Dr. and W. 63rd Terrace:
Asphalt paving and curb and gutter replacement is complete. The stormwater inlet top on the west corner of Dearborn Dr. and 63rd Terr. is scheduled to be poured Friday 10/8. Sod and site restoration will be scheduled following the stormwater inlet top replacement.

53rd Place:
Asphalt paving and curb and gutter replacement is complete. Sod and restoration is still to be scheduled.

60th Street:
Stormwater pipe and inlet installation has been completed. (There were two unmarked utilities that resulted in construction delays.) The street patch over the new stormwater pipe is scheduled to be completed on Friday, 10/8. Concrete work (sidewalk, driveway approaches, and curb and gutter) will begin on Tuesday, 10/12 and is estimated to be completed within one to two weeks. Paving is scheduled following the completion of the concrete work and is tentatively schedule for the end of the following week (week of 10/18) pending weather conditions. Sod and site restoration is still to be scheduled.


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