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Political Sign Regulations
September 21, 2021

The City has been receiving questions about the placement of political signs. Political signs have special rules in the State of Kansas. Unlike regular temporary signage, they do not require a permit and can be placed in the right of way, as long as they do not block sightlines and meet a few other requirements regarding sign type and placement.

If you have concerns about signs placed where they should not be, please notify Neighborhood Services at our Report a Concern link.

Candidates running for elected office and their campaign representatives are responsible for complying with the City of Mission’s sign regulations. In Mission, campaign signs are regulated as temporary signs. The Mission sign code (Mission Municipal Code Section 430.150) includes many requirements.

● A permit is not required to post political signs.

● Signs may be placed on property in all zones of the City with the permission of the property owner.

● Signs may be placed in the non-paved portion of the public right of way along roads streets per Kansas State Statute 25-2711.

● Signs should not pose a sight line or sight distance hazard for motorists.

● Signs may not be placed on public property outside the right of way.

● The person who posted the sign is responsible for the removal of that sign.

● No sign may obstruct or impair access to a sidewalk, public or private street or driveway, traffic control sign, bus stop, fire hydrant or otherwise create a hazard.

● Signs may not be illuminated.

● A temporary political sign may be posted no earlier than 45 days prior to election day and removed no later than 2 days after the election day.

● Signs may not be posted on City property including, but not limited to, parks, trails, City Hall, the Public Works building or community center property.

Enforcement of sign rules during the election period will continue to be conducted by the City’s Neighborhood Services Staff. Any complaints about signs should be referred to them for investigation. Any signs in right-of-way subject to the Kansas State Statute will be evaluated for hazardousness based on our existing sign code for sight distance triangles and/or in consultation with public safety personnel. If a sign is judged to be creating a hazard it will be removed.


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