Sign Permits

Sign Code

The City of Mission recently updated a portion of its sign code.  The entire text of the new code can be reviewed here or by reviewing Chapter 430 of the Municipal Code here.

The changes most likely to impact local business are:

·     Require sign permits and fees for temporary signs

·     Limit the duration of temporary signs to 90 days per calendar year per business (see details below)

·     Allow monument signs in two additional zoning districts (under certain conditions)

·     Update the definition of a monument sign to require a support base at least ½ the width of the sign.

·     Allow window signs anywhere in Mission with a limit on coverage to 50% of the glazing except in the downtown where coverage is limited to 10%  

·     Allow electronic signs for the display of fuel prices

·     Allow marquee signs in three additional commercial zoning districts

A brief memo describing the changes can be found here. Enforcement of the new regulations will begin with the issuance of all new sign permits in May.   Field checks will be conducted by Neighborhood Services Officers as part of their normal patrol shortly afterwards.

Sign Permits

A sign permit is required prior to posting both permanent and temporary signs.  A temporary sign is a sign intended for use for relatively short periods of time.  Such signs will now require a permit before being posted.  They may be posted for up to 90 days per calendar year per business in either 3, 7, 15, 30 or 60 consecutive day periods or 30 or 60 non-consecutive day periods.   There continues to be no limit on the number of temporary signs that may be posted at any one time.  However, the total square footage of all signs combined may not exceed 48 square feet in sign area.  In addition, no individual sign may exceed 16 square feet in sign area. The maximum allowed height of a temporary sign is now 6’ and a minimum distance of 3’ from property lines will be required.

Download a copy of the checklist and sign permit application here.

Sign Permit Fees

Temporary Signs*:

Consecutive Days Non-Consecutive Days

3 consecutive days- $20 30 non-consecutive days- $100

7 consecutive days- $25 60 non-consecutive days- $200

15 consecutive days- $40

30 consecutive days- $75

60 consecutive days-$150                

*Charitable institutions and entities are exempt from temporary permit fees.

*Commercial real estate signs are exempt from temporary permit fees.

Permanent Signs:

New Signs: $25.00, plus $1.50 per square foot or fraction thereof of projected sign surface area.

Refacing: $25.00, plus $.50 per square foot or fraction thereof of projected sign surface area.

Sign Professional/Contractor Occupational License Fees

      Sign professionals/contractor occupational license fee: $50.00

Download a sign installers license application form here

For assistance in making an application, please contact the Community Development Department at (913) 676-8360.

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