Mission KS
Flag Fund Honorees

American Flag Single


John Lewis Barkley, U.S. Army* Jay Jennings

Frank J. Byczek, U.S. Navy Anonymous

Donald E. Davey, U.S. Army Rebecca Millikan

Charles Footlick, U.S. Merchant Marines Connie & Brian Footlick

L. Lorence Gregg, U.S. Army Doug Gregg

Lorence Gregg, U.S. Army Larry & Robin Gordon

Marcus Hansen, U.S. Army Twisted Sisters Coffee Shop

Richard Parnell Hardesty, Jr., U.S. Navy Jay Jennings

Jeff A. Hartman, U.S. Navy Arcie Rothrock

Jay Robert Jennings, U.S. Army Jay Jennings

Louis M. Jestmore, U.S. Marine Corps Cherri, Conrad & Donna Jestmore

Robert S. Kinsey. U.S. Army Bill Nichols

James M. Kring, U.S. Army Debbie Kring

Robert L. Kring, U.S. Navy Debbie Kring

John. O. McClelland, U.S. Army Twisted Sisters Coffee Shop

Thomas Adam Moffitt, U.S. Army Maren & Larry Mercer

Herb Nichols, U.S. Navy Connie & Brian Footlick

Charles F. Pope, Jr. U.S. Army Kevin and Kathy Fullerton

Sylvester Powell, Jr., U.S. Army Jay Jennings

Louis Romero, U.S. Marine Corps Aurora Romero

Jimmie D. Russell, U.S. Air Force Twisted Sisters Coffee Shop

Rob Simpson, U.S. Marine Corps Amanda Simpson

William W. Sprout, U.S. Army Debbie Kring

Richard Stoffer, U.S. Navy Twisted Sisters Coffee Shop

Thomas N. Williams, U.S. Air Force                 Samantha and Cade Brummer

*Medal of Honor Recipient, World War I

If you would like to make a contribution to the Memorial Flag Fund, please contact Mission City Hall at 913-676-8368 or erandel@missionks.org.
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