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Property Maintenance Code

Property maintenance and other code issues continue to be a high priority for Mission residents. Well-maintained houses and yards improve the quality of life and preserve property values. Please do your part to keep Mission vibrant!  Property codes are specifically defined in the Ordinances of the City of Mission and will be enforced.

If you have questions about specific items in the property code, please contact Rosalind Johnson at 913-676-8390.

Common Property Maintenance Code Issues

  • Houses must be kept in a proper state of repair, including paint, guttering, roofs and windows.
  • Driveways, both paved and gravel, must be maintained in a proper state of repair and be free of vegetation (i.e. grass or weeds growing through cracks).
  • Most dual rear-wheeled vehicles are prohibited from being parked in residential areas.
  • Vehicles must be parked on the driveway or other paved areas; they may not be parked in yards.
  • Trash, recycling and bulky items should be placed at the curb no earlier than 6:00 PM the day before pickup for your area. For complete solid waste guidelines, click here.
  • Grass height should not exceed 8 inches.
  • Untended or uncontrolled brush and woody vines are classified as nuisance weeds. This is a common problem along many fence lines.
  • Customary passenger vehicles must be properly licensed, street operable, and move every 14 days. Inoperable vehicles must be kept inside a garage or removed from the property.
  • Miscellaneous items, tools, lawn equipment, unused landscaping materials and other items may not be kept in the yard or driveway.
  • Recreational vehicles (boats, RV's, etc.) and hauling trailers must be parked in the rear or side yard behind the front building line. Temporary 48-hour permits for visiting recreational vehicles may be obtained twice per year.
  • Temporary storage containers and dumpsters such as "pods" require a permit. This permit is free of charge, and must be obtained prior to delivery.

The Department actively works to help residents resolve code issues prior to issuing citations. The Mission Possible program is designed to help residents achieve compliance on certain code-related matters. For more details on these programs, click here.

Mission City Hall: 6090 Woodson Mission, KS 66202