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Building Codes

Main Line: 913-676-8360

Permit & Inspection Requirements

A building permit is required for most renovation or construction work in the City of Mission.  This includes alterations to the electrical, plumbing, or mechanical systems of a building or structure.  Exceptions to this requirement may include minor non-structural exterior repairs, interior finish work, and flat work such as sidewalks and driveways.  

Beginning in 2008 the City entered into an agreement with Johnson County, Kansas for the performance of building plan review and inspection services.  However, all building permit applications, requests for inspections, and questions should be directed to the City of Mission Community Development Department at Mission City Hall.

The City of Mission also requires all contractors doing work in the City to be licensed with the Johnson County Contractor Licensing program.  Licenses will be verified at the time of permit application.

For assistance in determining if a permit is required or to inquire about a permit,  please contact the Community Development Department at 913-676-8360.

Codes Adopted

The City of Mission uses the 2012 International Building Codes package when reviewing building plans for commercial and residential projects.

The package includes:

  • International Building Code

  • International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings

  • International Fuel Gas Code

  • International Plumbing Code

  • International Mechanical Code

  • International Existing Building Code

  • 2011 National Electric Code

  • International Property Maintenance Code

  • International Fire Code

  • International Energy Conservation Code

  • Amendments to the 2012 International Code-Click Here

Code books and amendments are available for viewing at the Planning & Zoning Counter in the main lobby of City Hall, 6090 Woodson St.

Building Permit Forms

Multiple Trade Permits (Those including a general contractor and one or more additional trades)

Residential Building Permit Application

Homeowner Installation Affidavit

Commercial Building Permit Application

Sub-Contractor Forms to Accompany Multiple Trade Permits

Mechanical-Subcontractor Form

Electrical-Subcontractor Form

Plumbing-Subcontractor Form

Fire Sprinkler-Subcontractor Form

Framing-Subcontractor Form Roofing-Subcontractor Form

Single Trade Permits (Permits for stand alone work not involving multiple building systems)

Commercial Roofing Permit Applications

Guidelines for Commercial Roofing Permit

Residential Roofing Permit Application

Mechanical Permit Application

Electrical Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application

Fence Permit Application

Public Works Permits
Stormwater Facility Permit (Post Construction / BMP Manual)
Land Disturbance Permit (Erosion Sediment Control)
Right of Way Permit




Mission City Hall: 6090 Woodson Mission, KS 66202