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Business Improvement Grant
2014 Grant Cycle Opens February 1, 2014

Click here to download a 2014 BIG application form.
Click here to download a 2014 BIG program description.

The goal of the Mission Business Improvement Grant (B. I. G.) is to support local businesses through funding for exterior building repairs or improvements and qualified energy efficiency improvements.

Since its start in 2004, the Mission BIG has awarded over $322,000 to benefit more than 80 local businesses.  These grants have leveraged over $846,000 in total investment in the community.

Applicants will be reimbursed at one-half (50%) of their approved costs, with the City’s share not to exceed $10,000 per project annually or $2,000 per sign. Energy efficiency improvement projects including Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations will be reimbursed at three-quarters (75%) of their approved costs, with the City's share not to exceed $10,000 per project annually.


  • BIG is open to any properties in the City of Mission with Commercial, Industrial, Main Street, Mixed Use, or Business Park District zoning.
  • Grant applications may be submitted by either a business or property owner.  All grant monies will be issued as a reimbursement to the applicant.
  • Property or business owners cannot claim exemption from city, state, or federal taxes.
  • Business must have a valid Occupational License with the City of Mission at time of application.
  • Projects must meet all applicable Design Guideline, Form Based Code, Zoning, Sign and Building Code requirements
  • Projects valued at over $5,000 are required to submit three separate bids.  Reported project values shall include total value of work, including materials and labor, for which the grant is being issued.  The City will reimburse at the applicable rate of the lowest bid.
  • Applications are accepted starting February 1, 2014 until all funds are committed.   Applications are reviewed on a first come first served basis from the time a complete submittal is received until all grant money is allocated.
  • Projects must be complete by November 1, 2014 unless a written extension is submitted before this date by the applicant and approved by the City.

Qualifying Exterior Improvements
Building repairs (painting, tuck pointing, awning replacement, etc)
Building improvements (additions, replacements, etc)
Sidewalk and streetscape improvements (pedestrian pavement, seating, etc)
Signs ($2,000 Maximum)

Qualifying Energy Efficiency Improvements*
Interior and Exterior Lighting Systems
Building Mechanical Systems (Heating, Cooling, Ventilation)
Hot Water Systems
Building Envelope (Including doors, windows, insulation, roofing etc)
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

* An energy audit conducted by a State or KCP&L certified auditor identifying the interior energy efficiency improvement and demonstrating an improvement over existing conditions is required.  The cost of the audit can be reimbursed with the project.  Businesses that participated in the City’s Pilot Assessment Audit in the spring of 2009 are also eligible.

Application Process
Contact Danielle Murray, City Planner for a pre-application meeting to discuss the project and identify the necessary permits and approvals.

Submit a grant application form, W-9, and “before” photos of project.  Site plans, elevations, architectural renderings, and contractor bids may also be required prior to the start of the project.

Receive approval and complete the work by November 1, 2014.

Upon completion of the project, submit all receipts, proof of payment and “after” photos” for review.  If all program requirements have been met, the City will reimburse the applicant up to one-half (50%) of the approved costs with the City's share not to exceed $10,000 per project, $2,000 per sign. Energy efficiency improvement projects including Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations will be reimbursed at three-quarters (75%) of their approved costs, with the City's share not to exceed $10,000 per project annually.  

Staff Contact
: Danielle Murray, City Planner

Phone: 913.676.8363

Fax: 913.755.1415

Mission City Hall: 6090 Woodson Mission, KS 66202